How to use custom skins in 2022

League of Legends is the game with the most skins released in the MOBA category, having over 1300 different appearances for the champions in-game. As that wasn’t enough, players decided to create their own custom skins for the game and today we’re gonna teach you how to use them in your own game!

First step: Go to and download “”

Second step: Right-click on the file you downloaded and extract it to wherever you want to place the file and open it.

Third Step: Open “cslol-manager” and you’ll see that you need to select “League of Legends.exe”, to do this, go to “Riot Games” folder in the disk you’ve got it installed, open League of Legends, open “Game” and drag League of Legends into the custom skin application

Now that you’ve got your program working, let’s get our skins in there!

First step: Open then choose the champion and the custom skin and download it

Second step: Drag it into the custom skin application and activate the skins by clicking on the checkboxes League boosting solution from any to every division.

Third step: Click “Run” then launch League of Legends and you’re good to go!

Have fun with your skins! Don’t forget to share this article with your friends!

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