How Pros Get Carried And So Should You

It’s impossible for anyone to carry every single game in League Of Legends, sometimes you lose your lane and you’re not the winning condition for your team, in these situations you should be playing as safe as possible to not feed enemies, even if you have to give up CS and your tower because your team might be getting some advantage at the other side of the map to compensate for your loss.

Being carried is a skill that even pros know as it will increase your win rate by not making games unwinnable, and realistically, even if you lose your lane you might still be useful for your team, either holding your tower against enemies or even in teamfights.

Not every game is like this, sometimes you might have every other lane losing and it’s better to try outplaying a tower dive or making risky plays to try and get a winning condition so you might have a comeback for that game.

You can identify these different situations by looking at both team’s CS, KDA, level difference, towers destroyed and team composition.

Here’s some tips to improve your games as a weak side player:

1- Freeze a lot, especially in tier 2 towers so your opponent can’t steal your jungle camps or roam without losing anything.

2-  If you can’t stay in lane against a not so good split pushing champion, go roam to objectives or other lanes instead of dying under your tower.

3- Keep track of your enemy laner, ping constantly where he is so your team can play accordingly to the information you provide them.

4- Know when you can hold him under tower and when you need help to stop him, for example, a fed Jax might be hard to hold alone, and if you leave your lane to roam you might get your entire base destroyed, in this case you need to call for help.

5- Don’t tilt, a common mistake of losing lanes is to get mad at the game, then they lose focus, make countless bad decisions and lose the  game. If you stay calm, your win rate is gonna increase a lot.

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