Why Neeko is not Being Played This Season

The information in this post has been updated for 2024.

The 2024 preseason modifications in League of Legends have introduced pets for junglers, but it seems that this update has made Neeko unplayable, according to some players.

A player who uses Neeko has explained the issue in League’s subreddit on February 26. They have pointed out that when Neeko uses her passive ability to transform into her jungler, she doesn’t get a pet that follows her. This immediately reveals her as an imposter and not the real jungler, rendering the entire mechanic useless.

Moreover, Neeko’s pet doesn’t disappear when she transforms into one of her teammates while playing as a jungler.

The player has further added that this bug has been present in the game since Patch 12.22, which brought the preseason changes. As a result, players can’t use Neeko’s passive to its full potential in certain scenarios.

Neeko is currently awaiting a mid-scope update, which was postponed due to Yuumi’s rework. However, players don’t expect any fixes for the Curious Chameleon until that update is released. Unfortunately, the update’s launch date is currently unknown, leaving Neeko’s main players unhappy.

The bug is just one of many reasons why Neeko needs a major update. She hasn’t received any significant gameplay modifications since Patch 12.7 (excluding the general durability update in Patch 12.10). Additionally, her stats are currently weak.

According to U.GG, a League stat site, Neeko has a 49.24 percent win rate in all ranks so far in Patch 13.4. She has a 0.6 percent pick rate and a mere 0.1 percent ban rate.

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