Aurelion Sol Ban Rates are still Super High in Patch 13.4

In League of Legends Patch 13.4, Aurelion Sol remains the champion with the highest ban rate across most ranks. Several days after the update’s release, his ban rate in the Platinum+ ranks has surpassed 60 percent, currently sitting at 62.3 percent as per U.GG, a league statistics website.

Since his rework was introduced in Patch 13.3, Aurelion Sol’s ban rate has skyrocketed. Even in that update, he had an alarming ban rate of 59.8 percent. However, despite the recent update, his ban rate has remained unchanged.

Annie, who also received some powerful buffs in Patch 13.3, is the second most-banned champion in Platinum+ ranks, with a 30.9 percent ban rate. Nevertheless, Aurelion Sol dominates the statistics by a significant margin.

Although Aurelion Sol’s ban rate is exceptionally high in most ranks, Draven and Elise are the most-banned champions in Challenger, with a 47.4 and 44.3 percent ban rate, respectively.

Patch 13.4 brought several changes to the game, but for Aurelion Sol, it only fixed a few bugs. However, the champion’s win rate is still impressive. In Platinum+ ranks, he boasts a 51.45 percent win rate in the mid lane and a 52.31 percent win rate in the top lane.

It is not surprising that Aurelion Sol has a high ban rate since many players typically ban newly added or reworked champions to avoid them in their games. Whether his ban rate will decrease soon or not remains to be seen, but it is possible that some nerfs may be necessary to reduce it slightly.

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