The developers at League of Legends are considering enhancing Kayle’s ultimate ability to make her even more powerful in the late game. Even though Kayle is one of the hardest carry champions to play, she is very dangerous in the late game because she relies so much on levels and items.

Riot August, who is in charge of designing champions, has shown off some possible buffs for Kayle that could make her much stronger later in the game.

These proposed buffs are not part of the usual patch previews and may not be implemented, but if they are, they would greatly change the way the champion is played.

The developers aim to give Kayle a massive boost to her “Divine” abilities to make it easier for her to take on multiple opponents in 1v5 scenarios.

At the moment, Kayle’s ultimate doesn’t let her keep auto-attacking while she is invulnerable. This limits the amount of damage she can do per second (DPS) while she is invulnerable.

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