After LoL patch 13.4, players are imploring Riot to undo the unpopular jungle update in League of Legends

Season 13 of League of Legends has been eventful, but not all in a positive way. Riot Games’ source code was hacked, and the company was blackmailed. Aurelion Sol also received a rework and had to be temporarily disabled from the game due to various bugs.

While some players believe that the latest patch has great features, others think otherwise, particularly with regards to the continued changes in the jungle.

In the patch that was released on Thursday, February 23, players can now get more base healing from killing monsters, the Rift Herald now hard resets when its patience has run out, and jungle companion damage has decreased by three percent AP. There was also a direct nerf to kill experience to prevent early game snowballing.

Many jungle champions were also nerfed, including Elise, who has become viable and has now seen extensive pro-play action in the LCS.

To many players, counter-jungling has virtually become impossible, and junglers are now forced to farm instead of avoiding it. Even League star Tyler1 agrees, and he expressed his frustrations during his stream while going through the patch notes. He believes that these changes will make top lane much harder.

Moreover, many players believe that the jungle meta “sucks,” which has been a recurring theme for season 13, and they hope that these changes will be reversed.

In Patch 13.4 One of the notable new features in League is a chat channel that enables communication exclusively among your pre-made squad. While some players welcome this addition, others find it challenging to switch between channels while playing on the Rift.

The patch also introduces two new chat commands: ‘muteself,’ which prevents you from sending messages and alerts others that you’ve muted yourself, and ‘deafen,’ which mutes incoming messages and notifies others that you’re not available for chat.

To everyone’s surprise, players have reacted positively to this new feature, with some hoping that it will help to reduce toxic behavior. However, some players plan to use it to avoid criticism for their missed skillshots. Others worry that it might impede team communication if a player chooses to ‘deafen.’

As with every League patch, opinions are varied. However, for some players, the current negatives, particularly the state of the jungle role this season, outweigh the positives.

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