The Best Valorant Agent Pick on Lotus

The information in this post has been updated for 2024.

The radiant lobby on Lotus is ruled by an unexpectedly valuable agent: the least chosen, yet the most potent.

The champion of Lotus in VALORANT has been declared, and it’s not the hero one would anticipate. The newest map was released on Tuesday, Jan. 10, and after three weeks, one Sentinel has risen above the rest and could potentially be a staple in every Lotus match in the near future.

Sage is making her mark on Lotus and has taken the VALORANT world by storm, particularly at the highest level. says that, of all the characters in Radiant, the healing agent has the best win rate, with a 64% success rate and a very good average combat score of 211.

Sage is currently one of the least selected VALORANT agents, only surpassed by Viper and Yoru, but players are starting to recognize her potential and she may soon become a common sight in matches.

What makes Sage so powerful on Lotus? Her versatility is likely the reason she has become a dominant force on the new Lotus battlefield in VALORANT. By putting walls on the map’s higher points, she makes new angles that can be used to beat defenses. After securing early kills, the chances of winning a 4v5 are much lower.

Additionally, players can make a wall that exposes the legs of opponents who are walking around corners, making kills much easier.

Eventually, her strengths will be discovered, and she may become less effective on Lotus, especially in the top ranks. However, while she’s on top, why not add her to your lineup?

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