How to rank up fast the ladder in League of Legends

All League of Legends players have previously experienced the difficulties of trying to go up the ladder, from getting promoted without suffering a single defeat to losing both games while in the promotion and falling back down to being stuck in the same division for months.

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind if you’re looking for techniques to advance and move up the ladder more quickly.


Try to learn what each League champion does:

There are over 160 champions, which may seem like a lot, but you may encounter them along the way, so it’s crucial to understand what they do.

Pick your favorite champions and play it for a while:

The climb will be lot easier if you have a main champion that you know can be a game changer with him after carefully examining what all the champions can do. Choose the champion that suits you the best and spend time playing it and knowing the champion.

Try to pick up advice from other players and absorb it:

Take some time to watch the many high-elo gamers and elo boosters who are now streaming on various platforms. You will benefit from it, and I am confident that you will learn a lot from them to help you take your game to the next level.


Don’t stress too much about your LP; instead, focus on getting better and improving and check some League of Legends stats:

We all understand that LP is crucial to moving up the ladder, but it’s not the most crucial factor. If you get better at the game and try to record your matches, you can view the entire replay after the game is over and make notes on how you might have performed differently.

Tools for practice and common games:

You should take a break if you’re feeling irritated and angry over losing ranked games, and during that break, try to practice a little. League of Legends offers a great practice tool you can utilize, and you can also play regular games to test your new skills.

Remain upright and take breaks:

Take breaks from ranked games so you can feel good again and fresh for a new ranked game. Going frustrated for a ranking game is 70% of a lost game. Playing more if you’re weary and frustrated after a loss will just make it worse. Additionally, there are numerous alternatives for elo boosting services where you can hire a pair to play beside you so you may learn instead of cheating.


In order to become a top-tier League of Legends player, you need prioritize skill development above LP accumulation. To state the obvious, you shouldn’t be concerned about gaining LP, but rather with improving.

Don’t let your teammates or LP losses derail your progress. Don’t let the prospect of losing LP affect your gameplay to the point that you’re unable to relax and enjoy yourself.

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