Highest Damage Champion in Jungle Role in 2022

Many people often ask themselves about who’s the highest damage dealing champion in League of Legends, either because they want a high damage champion to play or they just want to have that knowledge about the game. Today we’re here to tell you all about this topic and show you which champions have the highest burst damage and the highest consistent damage for jungle role.

In this role  we’ve got a variety of high dealing champions, mostly bruisers and assassins such as Nocturne, Rengar, Diana, Graves, Shaco and Evelynn.

Here’s the highest damage champions on jungle role.

Master Yi is a hyper scaling champion that relies on his auto attacks to do most of the damage, making him an easy champion to play in lower ranks.

His auto attacks grant a stack of his passive (Double Strike) up to 3 stacks, allowing Master Yi’s next auto attack to hit twice, dealing 50% of his physical damage, applying, however, on-hit effects at 100% effectiveness and having a chance to critically strike.

This champion’s Q (Alpha Strike) makes him vanish while he marks the target enemy and then moves to mark the nearest visible un-marked enemy within 600 units, recurring up to 3 times. If there are no other eligible targets before then, Master Yi can mark the same enemies again. After this he detonates the marks, dealing physical damage to his targets, applying on-hit effects at 75% effectiveness to the first target and 25% to the rest. Alpha Strike gets its cooldown refund by 1 second each time Master Yi auto attacks and can also critically strike.

Master Yi’s E (Wuju Style) empowers his auto attacks for 5 seconds, dealing bonus true damage.

The Wuju Bladesman R (Highlander) cleanses him from any slow and cripples, granting ghosting, bonus attack speed, movement speed and crippling immunity for 7 seconds. Each time Master Yi gets any takedown, the duration of this ability is extended for 7 seconds.

This champion has the highest consistent damage in the entire game as he gets tons of buffs to his auto attacks, he can melt entire teams in seconds with Guinsoo’s Rageblade combining with his E true damage.

Rengar is an assassin that is good throughout the game due to his high base damage, scaling from abilities and some tricks you can do inside Summoner’s Rift.

This champion’s passive (Unseen Predator)  grants him 1 stack for each ability he casts or lands his Q (Savagery) on a target. Reaching 4 stacks renders his next basic ability empowered, granting an additional cast along with bonus movement speed at the cost of all his stacks. Stacks are lost after 10 seconds of being out of combat.

While in the bush, Rengar’s auto attacks have increased range and cause him to leap to the target’s location; if he has no ferocity stacks, this will generate 1 ferocity stack. Rengar also has another passive called Bonetooth Necklace, which gives him bonus attack damage for each time he scores a unique takedown.

Rengar’s Q (Savagery) empowers his next auto attack, increasing range by 25 and dealing bonus physical damage, which is reduced by 40% against structures. This ability always critically strikes and its damage is increased with critical strike chance.

Empowered: Bonus damage increases and grants bonus attack speed for 5 seconds.

The Pridestalker’s W (Battle Roar) passive stores 50% of post-mitigation damage he has taken in the last 1.5 seconds as gray health on his health bar, increased to 100% of damage taken from monsters. Its active makes Rengar roar, dealing damage to nearby enemies and healing him for the amount of post-mitigation damage stored.

Empowered: Ability damage dealt is increased and additionally cleanses Rengar from any crowd control effect.


On his E (Bola Strike), Rengar throws a bola in target direction, dealing physical damage and slowing the target for 1.75 seconds

Empowered: Physical damage dealt increases and roots the target for 1.75 seconds.

This assassin’s ultimate (Thrill of the Hunt) grants him bonus movement speed and reveals the nearest enemy champion in a large radius, also granting vision around the enemy champion. After 2 seconds, he becomes camouflaged and gains Unseen Predator for the remaining duration. His next basic attack within normal attack range against any enemy unit or with Unseen Predator against the nearest enemy champion deals 50% bonus physical damage and reduces armor resistance for 4 seconds.

The nearest enemy champion to Rengar alerts all of their allies within 1200 range about his presence, and they can sense him at 1600 range.

After attacking or casting any ability other than his Q, his ultimate ends.

This is the champion with the most burst damage in the jungle role as he can combo all of his abilities into one fast combo, dealing tons of damage in a short time.

Here’s a clip of Tyler1 dying to Rengar in 0.23 seconds.

You should try these 2 champions out and see for yourself this incredible damage as you might have a lot of fun killing entire teams! Don’t forget to share our article and discuss it with your friends!

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