We did a deep search to find the best League of Legends boosting website and these 2 that we will review below are the 2 best ones we found out while trying different services, we will take into consideration every single aspect and classify them and compare them. offers a lot of options, for League of Legends, Overwatch, Valorant, and Apex, focusing on League of Legends, they offer Solo division options, Duo divisions options, and duo games, Placement options for solo and duo, net win options, and Coaching options.

For all these options they have extra options that you can select for your lol boosting order such as Normalize score, Specific champions, solo boost, flex queue, express priority, stream, and spell buttons.

Having all these extra options is always a plus for all customers to make sure the rank-up order is as low profile as possible. provides live chat support 24/7 365 days a year which is really good if you have any issue with your order or question the customer support always make sure to solve it instantly.

The boosters are the top in the business, they provide always high win rates and superb performances in lol boosting

Regarding prices, the prices are in range and if you want to get a higher % of discounts they have a page for xl discounts where you can get from 10 to 25% discounts in packages. provides also a lot of options, but compared to eloboostleague, they don’t offer extra options which can be a backdown for customers that are looking to keep their accounts as low profile as possible.

The only option easyboost offers is playing your prefered lane, but not champions.

The live chat support is not always online, during early mornings or late nights, the support is offline so you won’t be able to have instant assistance during that time which can be not good for you while having a rank-up order.

The prices are a bit higher than eloboostleague, but their boosters are also really good and can do the work without any issue, we’ve tried solo and duo options on easyboost, the solo was assigned instantly the duo order took a bit more than expected, but after assigned was completed too without problems.

In conclusion and comparing both websites, we can say that eloboostleague offers a better service and options than easyboost, easyboost also provides a good service, but not having live support 24/7 and extra options for customers to pick can makes all customers decide to go via eloboostleague, where you have everything you need and want for your league of legends boosting order.

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